python programs

here are some things written in python, apps and games and etcs. all released under the gpl license so go crazy with them.

download a zip, a tar.gz or pull from github. i don't mind...

crossword helper

a small application to aide your completion of crossword puzzles.

  • check if a word is a word.
  • get words from a collection of letters.
  • get words and anagrams from words.
  • get possible words if your potential solution has letters missing.
  • comes with an open source word list or use your own.

time logger

track how long you have spent on a particular task or project

click start when you begin a task to commence logging. handy when using redmine.

  • easy installation.
  • track multiple projects/tasks concurrently.
  • all data saved to a mysql database ready for further analysis.


yet another blocky amateur snake clone.

relive the old school nokia mobile days!

  • play old or new snake.
  • all graphics created using pygame.
  • saves high scores.
  • homemade sound effects.
  • pretend the snake is a python for a recursive experience!!


yet another computerised hunting game...

like duck hunt on the nes but with a dodgier name.

  • choose your weapon.
  • retro graphics from widgetworx spritelib.
  • sound effects.
  • save your high scores.
  • python target included for recursive experience!!


a horribly styled version of the classic card game.

everybody's first attempt at programming a game...

  • tkinter gui framework.
  • lurid colour scheme.
  • insulting croupiers.


python implementation of the weasel program.

  • command line version of the weasel program.
  • locking and non-locking variants
  • variable mutation probability
  • no need for monkeys!!

password generator

generate a defined number of passwords of a certain length

  • run from command line.
  • passwords made up from
    • upper case letters
    • lower case letters
    • numbers
    • punctation